Monday, June 09, 2008

Peggy Tizzard 1939-41

Peggy Tizzard

Peggy (right) 1939

I have just received these photos from The Sleeping Giant Foundation which Peggy Tizzard had left with them, so I thought I would include a little bit of Peggy's story again since she is one of the few people who was in Craig-y-nos as a child during the last war. ( you can find the full version by typing her name into the search section).

She went in as a three year old:

“I was told I was going on holiday and wore a red coat and a red beret. Then they left me in a cot in this big ward with lots of other children.

They tell me I cried a lot but I don't remember it. We were not allowed any toys so my teacher sent in a slate with a piece of chalk and a box of wooden blocks with faces on them. I spent hours playing with that.

After a while they put me upstairs in the women's ward. I was the only child there.

I never saw another child for years except once when Dr Jarman brought his son in who was the same age as myself and we spent time rolling this thing down the stairs. We didn't know what it was. Eventually Dr Jarman came back and he picked it up . He said it was an orange and he peeled it and we ate it.
This was the first orange I had ever seen."

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