Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another story - forced abortion

Received an email with the following account of another forced abortion:

" I did know though that my mother was
also forced to have a termination in 1945 or 6. She too was told by
her doctor that it was fine, but on a subsequent visit to Grove Place
(clinic) they threw up their hands in horror. She was admitted to
Stouthall in Gower. Mum was in Craig-y-Nos in 1942, then Sully and
finally Llanybyther.
The treatment obviously worked because she lived
until two months before her 90th birthay in 2004. Gee, my
Grandmother must have had an awful time."

This came from Gaye, niece of Betty Thomas ( nee Dowdle) who also had a forced abortion.

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