Friday, December 07, 2007

Joan Thomas,age 15. 1950-53

If anyone remembers Rita, Marjorie, Polly, Gaynor, Rose , Irene or Elaine then Joan would love to get in touch with them.
You can contact her via her daughter's email address:

"My name was Joan Thomas.
I was 15 when I became a patient at Craig y nos and like many others my time there was one of unhappiness. Like most of the girls in ward 2 I was treated very badly, there were some who were favoured by the ward sister and some of her staff. I was humiliated often by one nurse who took a dislike to me instantly, she was to me a bully.

I remember one time Auntie Maggie telling her not to be so unkind to me as I wept in my bed.There are many stories I can tell and even though I am in my seventies the trauma of those times still have a profound effect on me.

Some of the girls I remember vividly even though I haven't got photographs of them. I have been back to Craig y nos quite a few times but never inside , I don't know whether I could, the dread of what went on there still upsets me. After leaving Craig y nos I went into the Cimla hospital and spent just over a year there where I had my lung removed.I am quite well {for my age] and if anyone remembers me please get in touch. I was the one who had her teeth knocked out by Mary Jones, also I loved to sing and would often sing for the girls.

I remember Rita, Marjorie, Anne, Polly, Gaynor, Rose, Irene,and Elaine.

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