Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dr. Mulhall - postscript

Dr Mulhall wrote the following letter to Dr Carole Reeves .

“The sanatorium originally had both male and female patients, but eventually the male patients were transferred to the North and South Wales sanatoria.

TB male patients, you can imagine, were difficult to control in the early days of strict regime.

One anecdote I heard was about two pals asked permission from the Sister to go to see the swans in their allotted time of exercising. After several hours absent from the ward, the two lads arrived back looking the worse for wear, and on being asked where they had been, informed the Sister that they had been to see the ‘swans’ playing at their home venue in Swansea! Who can blame them?

I was amazed to hear that all the medical records of that period were destroyed. There should be archives of the Welsh National Memorial Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis in Wales in the Temple of Peace and Health, Cathays Park, Cardiff, which was taken over by the Welsh Regional Hospital Board in 1948 by the National Health, but I expect you have already been through this route. The National Library of Wales possibly is worth trying. "

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