Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dr Mulhall

Remember Dr Mulhall? Well, he is alive and well and living near Brecon.

Dr Carole Reeves interviewed him last week. She reminded him that all the teenage girls in Craig-y-nos had a "crush" on him.

We discovered his existence from a doctor friend of my cousin, Edna Walters, who attended the opening of the exhibition. She was a personal friend of Dr Mulhall and rang him up to ask if he would agree to be interviewed for the project. He did and he was so intrigued to hear about the project that when Dr Reeves rang him up to interview him he was already in Brecon looking at the exhibition.

Earlier Nurse Glenys Davies had alerted us to the fact that she believed he was still alive and “living somewhere in Brecon”.

Now that’s one of the advantages of a close-knit community like Wales: if you want to find someone you have only got to ask one or two people....

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