Monday, December 03, 2007

Craig-y-nos stories

There is no "one correct story" about Craig-y-nos. Rather it is a collection of stories . Now these stories vary according to the age and date of the person and all are equally valid.

I would like to see more folk write their own memoirs of their time there, however short.
I mention this because over the weekend I have received two very moving accounts of children's stories from their time in Craig-y-nos Castle, one including sexual abuse.

Many people in the past have been afraid to mention these painful experiences partly out of shame and partly because they thought they would not be believed. We now know enough about life inside all institutions to realise that unpleasant stuff did ( and still does!) take place within them so it would be extremely unlikely that this did not happen in some form or other in a TB sanatorium.

(And yes I still have stories which half a century on I dare not write, and probably never will, about what happened during my four years in Craig-y-nos.)

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