Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Peggy Jones ( nee Dobson)- 1955-56

Here are some photos from Peggy Jones' album. She was in the Annexe from 1955-56

Peggy's parents with Darry, her four month old son whom she had to leave in the care of her parents while she was in hospital. She didn't return home until he was 2 years and 1 month old.

Young women in the Annexe. 1st left unknown, 2nd left Myra Mort, and the lady on the far right was Glenys Ford.

Peggy with a member of staff

Christmas 1955: ( from left to right) Peggy, Glenys Ford, Mearl Davies and Connie Smith.

Peggy attended the first Reunion in 2004 organised by the Sleeping Giant

Peggy (left) attended the last Reunion organised by Ann Shaw and Dr Carole Reeves, September 2007.

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