Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dr Gwyn Thomas, ex patient 1940's

Dr Gwyn Thomas went into Craig-y-nos as a six year old in May 1942 for seven months.
He remembers "crying like crazy" and that his father was very traumatised by leaving him there, he has memories of his father being reluctant to leave, and standing by the door. His mother had been equally reluctant to let him go because she believed that everyone went there to die.

He was told during a later visit that 25% of patients died while at Craig-y-nos at that time. He spent his entire time in the Billiard Room ward. He wanted to go on the balcony, but he was never allowed.
He remembers that all his clothes were taken from him upon admission "they left me with a hair shirt", and that he was in a cot.

He re-visited Craig-y-nos when he was 40 and again the following year. As a consultant they allowed him to see his medical records and he found a letter from his mother to him which he had never been given.
He took it, and still has it.

( This is an extract from a telephone interview by Caroline Boyce ( nee Havard) who is helping with the research.)

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