Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Facts and figures - Craig-y-nos

Euryl Thomas, age 74, was a patient in Craig-y-nos for six months from 21st June 1950.
Later she worked as a medical secretary in the hospital for 18 years.

These are some facts and figures she remembers:
35 girls in top 2 wards (Ward 1 and 2)
20 babies - Ward 3
6 in Six-bedder
26 ward 1 young adults
22 ward 4
10-15 boys on balcony. ward 1

Total number of patients: 120- 130

During the 20’s and 30’s some young men were also admitted. This is all done from personal accounts so if anyone can recall more specific details let me know. The number of patients varied over the 40 years it was used as a TB sanatorium, along with the type of patients admitted.

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