Monday, February 12, 2007

Mary Ireland (nee Jones)

Just spoken to Mary - first time for over 50 years!- she is now a grandmother and living in Gloucester.
Mary comes originally from Llangattock, near Crickhowell and my mother used to give her mother a lift to Craig-y-nos. She says she has photos of us together. She was in the next bed but one to me and remembers me as :"that very shy, timid little girl."

Well, 20 years working as a newspaper journalist in Glasgow, one of the toughest cities in Europe, certainly cured me of my that!

Dorothy was in the bed between us. So far Dorothy has not turned up but we both remember Dorothy because she was very helpful to us.

It was Dorothy who explained to me that I had TB, not that it meant anything to me at the time but I do remember her saying:"You've got a hole in the lung and you have got to keep very still. If you move that hole will grow bigger and bigger and you will die."
After receiving that bit of information I lay very still. For 15 months.
I was on 12 inch blocks. Mary was on 4 inch blocks.

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