Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nan Davies ghost story

Haydn Harris tells this tale:

“Nan was a patient in the Sanatorium in 1928-29, at the age of eleven. The children were to organise a choir to give a concert to the parents one visiting day. One young girl, with a good voice, was picked to sing a solo. Nan, with the second best voice, was to be her stand-in. When the big day came the soloist was taken ill, and Nan had to take her place. Naturally she was worried, nervous and wondered what sort of a show she would put on. As she stood in the wings, she became aware of a woman standing alongside her. She wore a long dress with a bustle at the back, and her long hair was brushed into a bob. She told Nan that she wasn’t nervous, and would sing like she had never sung before. She was a great success. Nan rushed back to thank her friend in the wings to find she had disappeared. She always believed it was the ghost of Madam Adelina Patti that had helped her.
God help you if you didn’t believe her. Believe the story if you will, or dont believe it. But beware of the ghost of Nan Davies if you don’t.”

Nan died 6 years ago.

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