Thursday, February 15, 2007

Three girls in a boat - 1949

Afternoon boating. This was strictly illegal. Dulcie is in the middle.

Dulcie Oltersdorf, aged 80 from Sketty, Swansea sent me a remarkable collection of photographs which arrived this morning in the post. Its like Christmas! I never know what new treats await me when the postman arrives.

It coincided with a phone call from the Brecon and Radnor weekly newspaper who are doing a spread on photos from Craig-y-nos so I sent this one off too.

Dulcie says of her time at Craig-y-nos:" I went in three days before my 21st birthday...on the whole I was comfortable and happy there."
The only unpleasant experience she recalls were the regular blood tests taken by Dr Huppert:
"We reckoned she used blunt needles because afterwards our arms would be covered in bruises."

I am puzzled by this. What was the purpose of blood tests? We never had them in the childrens ward.

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