Thursday, February 01, 2007

Haydn Harris -Craig-y-nos- 1937

Haydn Harris from Port Talbot was in Craig-y-nos in 1937-38 for eleven months. He was 4 years of age. He has sent in a full account of his memories and this is a brief extract:

My ward was at the back of the building ( men's and boys ward. overlooking the gardens and river. It had a large, covered but open balcony running the length of the outside. The inside of the ward had a platform at one end, about four foot higher than there rest of the floor. As young as I was, I knew that it was best to keep away form the higher level. The “Iron Lungs” were situated there. These were machines that helped ‘extreme’ patients to breath. Except for their head and neck, the patient was completely enveloped in the machine. Very few patients came down from the platform alive.

The one occasion I didn't mind going up on to the platform was Christmas Day, 1937. Father Christmas arrived in the morning and sat at the edge of the platform with his sack. All the children that were capable went up on to the platform to talk to him, and receive a present. I seem to remember mine was a model truck."

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