Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some of Haydn Harris' stories

Snow on the balcony
"It was lovely sitting on the balcony when the sun was shining. But sometimes our beds were pushed out there, and we had to sleep out in the open. Mind you, they did fit a tarpaulin over the bed sheets. I can remember waking up with a layer of snow on my tarpaulin. "

Squirrels in cages
"We were sent on regular walks in the open air, often down in the gardens near the river. We used to visit the Gardeners Hut. The gardeners used to catch squirrels and keep them in cages, so that we could see them."

It was difficult for my parents to travel up the Neath and Swansea Valleys in those days. So visiting was restricted to one day per month. But they could stay for most of the day. I was worried when my mother failed to turn up for a couple of months before I was released. I began to wonder what had happened to her.
But when I got home I found I had a baby brother, a few weeks old.

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