Monday, February 19, 2007

Dr Huppert - complex character

It's strange how something that happened to you in childhood still resonates 50 years later and affects your decisions in simple daily choices. I have become very aware of how deeply Craig-y-nos has influenced my life since I began work on this project though if someone had asked me a couple of months ago I would have brushed it aside and said:"Nonsense! "
Take this morning when I put on a grey sweater. All my life I have hated the colour grey and I only bought this sweater because it was (a) very cheap on a sale (£15 from Zara) and (b) grey is supposed to be the "new black" .

The reason I have this aversion to grey, which I have struggled and failed to overcome, is that when the order went out from Dr Huppert for me to write home to mother for clothes she rushed out and bought a grey skirt, grey sweater and grey cardigan. When Dr Huppert saw me in these clothes she demanded to see my mother at the next visiting time and instructed her to buy me clothes with colour "suitable for a little girl".

Maybe I will send this grey sweater to Oxfam....

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