Friday, March 02, 2007

Beryl Lewis 1953-54

Beryl on the balcony of Ward 2

Beryl recently celebrated her Golden Wedding and she has sent in a selection of photographs. This is one of her 9 grandchildren. She says she was "strongly advised" to have an abortion after getting pregnant within months of leaving Craig-y-nos. "We had been told to wait at least for two years before having children. I went in fear and trembling to the chest clinic. The doctor advised me to have an abaortion and I had the weekend to decide."

"My husband and I are Christians. We decided to take the risk."

She remembers Dr Huppert and her monthly blood tests:
"We used to say "here comes the bloodsucker!"

(Dahab, Egypt....oh the wonders of new technology. Have just logged in to the internet using the hotel's cybercafe. Now I discover I could have brought my laptop with me because all the rooms have internet access and are WI.FI.
Oh well..)

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