Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Carol Hughes, nee Davies from Skewen - 1951

Extract from Carol's e-mail:

" I was a patient at Craig y nos.  I was admitted  there in 1951 from Sully hospital I remember sister Morgan telling my mother to leave me now  and see what the outcome would be.
  I was 5 years old at the time and my mother left crying  but I did gain weight and picked up . In 1952 I was sent back to Sully hospital to have the lower lobe of my left lung removed I was then sent back to Craig y nos for rest and fresh air.

I was on the top floor .  I just got better I never liked the food I will always remember the windows wide open in all weathers  and the bars on them.
Our teacher was Mrs Thomas. I remember singing with Harry Secombe . As I got better I was allowed out into the grounds."

Extract from Carol's contribution on the BBC MidWales site:
I was small when I was at craig y nos from 1951 to 1954 but I remember my time there we were expected to eat food.
If we wasted it we would get it back later in the day. Letters in and out were censored they all started ' dear mam and dad I am well and happy'. If I got a parcel from home some items were removed sweets and soap I never saw these when I could get out of bed I use to wander so I remember if I went too far I would get a harness put on me to keep me in bed for a few hours or our beds were pulled out in the middle of the ward in disgrace they said so Doctor Huppert would see we had done wrong.
I had 1 friend Olwen Price but we lost touch after going home.
I would love to know how she is.
It was cruel but I did go back to Craig -y -nos 2 years ago it brought back everything my missing years. It would be nice if they arranged a patients day once a year where we could all go if possible and remember our past our friends who went through the same as us.

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