Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pamela Hill 1958-59

Pamela says:

“One of my memories is being given a children's writing set while I was in hospital and I wrote to my father in Talgarth and also to my mother at home. I used coloured pencils and play stamps but both had my letters.

My mother was very upset when she had mine as I asked her to visit twice a week* and she could only come once a week as she was also visiting my father once a week in Talgarth.

My mother remembers Dr Huppert. She told my mother I was dull. My mother was very cross with her and said that I was quiet and if she talked to me I would answer her.
The next time she told my mother she had made a mistake and that I had a reading age of 11 at six years of age.

My brother was 3 years old when I was in hospital and sometimes mother brought him down and a nurse would look after him in the courtyard.
I was in the ward with windows over the courtyard. Robert, my brother, would sing songs up to me and always had an audience at the window. He had a cowboys outfit for his 4th birthday and I can remember him outside in it singing to me.

I can remember being very upset when my mother left. I remember being wheeled out in my bed onto the landing because they said I was disturbing the other children.”

* In the late 50’s childrens visiting was allowed every weekend instead of monthly.

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