Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eirlwyn - early 1950’s

At the end of the telephone interview Margaret Howells suddenly asked:
”Do you know what happened to Eirlwyn?”


But I remembered Eirlwyn. She used to play with herself. They put her on the balcony thinking the cold weather and fresh air would cure her.

It didn’t.
One nurse threatened her regularly:
” I will tie your hands to the side of the bed if you don’t stop.”

It had no effect.

So for months, or was it years, Eirlwyn was in a corner of the balcony. Left to herself.
It was said she had TB meningitis and it had left her with brain damage. She had thick glasses, dark hair and was very quiet. Her parents rarely visited.

Eventually they moved her back inside Ward 2 so they could watch her.

And still she kept playing with herself.
So they put her in another corner.
On blocks.
That's how Margaret remembered her: tucked in a corner with her bed high on blocks. For years.

“I felt sorry for her,” added Margaret quietly.
“ and I often wondered what did happen to her.”

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