Friday, March 09, 2007

Nurse Glenys Davies with Muriel

Many photos have come in of Nurse Glenys Davies, surely the most photographed nurse in Craig-y-nos.
Here she is with Muriel. No more details are known.

I have just realised two facts about this photograph. Muriel is in the exact spot in Ward 2 where I spent the first year of my life in Craig-y-nos only leaving it to go for the occasional x-ray.
Secondly today is March 9th, a date that always gives me a queasy feeling cause that's the date I was taken to Craig-y-nos over 50 years ago , and mother told me I was only going in for three days. I was in for 4 years and 3 days.

( Have just returned from Dahab in Egypt and arrived at midnight in Glasgow. We had a very scary landing, or rather we didn't land but took off again at great speed into an enormous snowstorm. Worse, the captain was silent...for a long time. Eventually his voice came over the intercome and he said he was going "to attempt a second landing".
Everyone clapped when we finally touched down. )

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