Monday, March 26, 2007

Mair Harris ( nee Edwards) 1950-52 and 2007

Mair and Nurse Glenys Davies

Mair and Ann

The photos were taken over 50 years apart: all at Craig-y-nos!
They show Mair with Nurse Davies and the lower ones are of Mair with myself. ( She reminded me that I was known as "Titch").

Mair had already started at grammar school when she went into Craig-y-nos as a 13 year old. She was there for 22 months, and she has “very pleasant memories”of her time on the balcony and the teaching she received from Miss White.

“She helped me enormously. By the time I got back to school I found I was not that far behind the other children.”

Unfortunately Mair was not able to finish her education because she had a relapse. But she later went on to become a librarian.

Mair ( in bed) with friends giving the Girl Guides salute.

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