Thursday, March 15, 2007

Roy Harry - 1944

This is an extract from Roy Harry’s memories of Craig-y-nos. Roy has also given a full “oral history” recording to the Sleeping Giant foundation in Abercrave. Now retired Roy worked most of his life as a lecturer at Atlantic College.

“ I was born on 11 July 1941 and I was probably over 3 years of old when I was admitted.

“When my mother left me on that first day I cried and screamed for her to take me with her. I climbed out of my bed and ran after her but I was carried back and strapped into my bed with a harness.

I still remember the awful feeling -I screamed and tried to reach the buckles.

I think my worst memory of Craig-y-nos was going to a treatment room which I thought was out through the double doors, a short way along the corridor and on the right. Here some nurses - 2-3- would try and put a rubber tube down my throat. It was very unpleasant and I would shout, cry and grip the tube between my teeth to stop it going down. A Sister Powell would intervene and she would complete the procedure. She was much more forceful and threatening and as a result I was terrified of her. I remember nurses would get me to comply with their requests by saying they would send for Sister Powell.

I have no memories of leaving the ward to explore or play, except to move to a small room for a while where myself and another boy of about my age stayed for some days or weeks.

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