Saturday, April 14, 2007

Adelina Patti and the burglar alarm

Christine Thornton says her brother-in-law, Jack Gunshon, a 72 year old retired engineer, asked if he could borrow the Adelina Patti DVD I sent her because he remembered visiting Christine when she was in the “six-bedder”.

(This room is now used for seances by the Craig-y-nos ghost hunters.)

“Well, Jack took it home.
Its a very short video- only three minutes- so he replayed it a couple of times.

“Then he got up to set his burglar alarm because he was on his way out for the evening and suddenly all the lights in the house went off.

“ Nobody else in the area had as power cut and it was half an hour before they came back on again.
He jokes:”Adelina Patti made me late for my game of cards.!”

This happened last week.

I am not too surprised. When I began researching this book several inexplicable “incidents” occurred......all relating to electricity, and writing about Adelina Patti.
I do NOT believe in ghosts, yet some strange things seem to happen. Maybe Craig-y-nos does justify its title as the "most haunted castle in Wales".
I am sure there is a scientific explanation for all this though at present I can't fathom out what it could be: except time travel.

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