Thursday, April 26, 2007

Re-union-Craig-y-nos -last night

Over 60 people turned up for the re-union of staff and ex-patients at Craig-y-nos castle.

Most of the people were retired nursing staff, office workers and general maintenance workers. They even had a cake with a doctor and a nurse on it.

But one ex-patient who did attend said; "It was a bit disappointing. I had hoped to meet other ex-patients but I would say there were less than 10 there out of about 60 people," she said.

On the other hand as a staff re-union the evening was successful.

Another ex child patient who did go tells me that the staff did not believe her when she told them how she was treated as a child in the hospital.
She is hurt because the experience as a child traumatised her and now she discovers 50 years later that she is not believed!

Other ex-patients say that they would have liked to have gone but they did not know about it.

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