Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Anna Golesworthy -1954

This entry from Jeannette Barker, has just appeared on the BBC MidWales web-site:

"My mother Anna Golesworthy was in Craig- y -nos approx 1954 for 12 months flat on her back, she hated the behaviour of some of the orderlies who used lewd behaviour. But she made me so sad when she told me how she made angels of us three children to hang on the tree and could'nt remember what we looked like. The cruelty was not allowing or encouraging scared relatives to bring the children to visit Mothers. We didn't see our Mother for over a year, she then had gone to Sully for an operation that cured her and returned her to good health.
Mon Apr 23 09:47:38 2007"

Meanwhile Anna's grand-daughter, Suzy Branson, has sent me an email too asking if I remembered her grandmother. She adds that Anna was Dutch and from a prisoner-of-war camp in Indonesia.
" She was tall, blond and had 3 children, the youngest 18 months when she left" (for the hospital)."

I had already left Craig-y-nos when Anna arrived but if anyone does remember Anna then her family would love to hear from you.

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