Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Re-union Craig-y-nos Castle: April 25th

Nurse Glenys Davies ( now Mrs Jones)

Glenys is in the centre. The name of the girl in bed is unknown and Nurse Miller is on the right.
(Ward 2 balcony, early 1950's)

In the course of every conversation I have with ex-patients the subject gets around to staff.
“Do you remember Nurse Glenys Davies?”
Along with Auntie Maggie, sadly who is no longer with us, Nurse Davies is one of the people we all remember with affection.

Now Mrs Jones, Glenys is enjoying a comfortable retirement after more than 30 years of nursing.

This photo was taken at an informal meeting at Craig-y-nos some months ago following a short article in the South Wales Evening Post saying I had started to research a book on “The Children of Craig-y-nos”.

It produced a flood in interest with letters, phone-calls and emails and I am still trying to get around to everyone to interview them.

Now a proper reunion is planned for Wednesday April 25 with a buffet evening in Craig-y-nos Castle.

Organised by Sylvia Moore a former patient (1956) who went back there to nurse, the reunion is attracting a great deal of interest.

“Nearly 50 people have already signed up and I understand that many more are interested in coming too.”

And among the guests will be Nurse Glenys Davies - known amongst staff and patients as “the rock”.

For more information contact Sylvia Moore at:

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