Monday, April 09, 2007

Shirley Bowen 1956-57

“ I was there for my 13th birthday,” she told me when we met a few weeks ago at Craig-y-nos.

“I was out on the balcony. I didn’t have any drugs but I do remember the gastric lavages!
...oh yes and Jacko the peacock who used to make such a noise...

On visiting
“It used to take my parent most of the day to visit.
During the winter they would sit out on the balcony at visiting time clutching hot-water bottles.

Exercise“Walks were graded starting with a a short walk between the 2 stags.”

Dr Huppert story
Like all ex-patients Shirley has her own particular memory of Dr Huppert: “She was very masculine. Once I got punished because I got out of bed during rest hour to pick up a piece of paper. She saw me and I was sent back to bed for a week.”

Working life
Today Shirley works as a manager in a care home for the elderly.

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