Monday, April 23, 2007

Agnes Holden's autograph album - 1942

lock of Nurse Davies' hair ( is this Nurse Glenys Davies?)

The book , along with other memoribilia, are among the treasured memories held by her 86 year old daughter, Ruth Greenow, living in Llowes.

One entry contains a lock of brown hair carefully held in place by a pin belonging to Nurse Davies.

It says:
“You asked me for something original
something right out of my head
but as I have nothing inside it
I’d give you something outside instead.
Nurse Davies

The other entry says:

“Now the golden sun is setting
And the earth no more be trod
May your name in gold be written
In the autograph of God.”

A speedy recovery
Joan Synnock

Agnes died shortly afterwards.

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