Monday, April 30, 2007

Craig-y-nos 1953- Scotland 2007

Ann (left) and Mari on the balcony of Ann's home in Bridge-of-Allan - 2007

Ann and Mari on the balcony of Craig-y-nos - 1953

Delighted to see Mari Friend ( nee Jenkins) yesterday. She called in with her husband Peter while on their touring holiday of Scotland.

Mari and I were close friends while at Craig-y-nos and after we left we still kept in touch for a number of years even sharing the same hostel accommodation ( Bourne & Hollingsworth) when we moved to London.
Yesterday we took the opportunity to have a photo taken together.

It is interesting to note - though I had never thought of it before - that my home in Scotland for the past 20 years has a house with a balcony facing mountains ...just like Craig-y-nos.

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Ann Shaw said...

Yes I am on Twitter - titchtwitter ( based on my nick-name as a child in Craig-y-nos) and on Facebook.