Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brecon library - exhibition

Well, here we are in Brecon Library and a pretty impressive building it is, something of an architectural gem, so I am surprised to learn that it has been open for forty years.

The upstairs exhibition space is enormous, light, airy, spacious. And the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Now for the bad news.
And we have got some really bad news. In fact since we touched down in Cardiff airport last night it has been nothing but a series of minor disasters.

British Midlands lost our luggage and they are still trying to trace it. That is bad enough but it contained Malcolm, my husband, heart medication including the essential warfarin.

So, to cut a long story short we ended up in Neville Hall hospital, Abergavenny last night for nearly four hours while we went through a bureaucratic maze which entailed him having a blood test and sending for the oncall pharmacist to come all the way either from Cardiff or Usk, nobody could be certain where exactly he was coming from but it would take him a good hour to get to Abergavenny. Oh yes, they did have warfarin up in the wards but it was "against the rules" for him to have an emergency tablet.

This morning Dr Carole Reeves unpacked the exhibition which had come up from Ystradgynlais and when we checked the contents against the new set of captions she had made in London we found that 10 per cent of the exhibition is missing....this includes a surprising number of former staff members from Craig-y-nos.

Well, the exhibition in the Welfare Hall was not invigilated so we were naive not to expect some loss.

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