Monday, November 12, 2007

Staff - Craig-y-nos 1960

This is the last official photo of staff at Craig-y-nos before it closed in 1960.
The question is: who are they?

Brian Jones, whose parents worked there, has offered the following names:

front row: first 6 not known, then Dr Huppert, Matron Knox-Thomas, Dr Ivor Williams, Sister Powell, next 6 not known, Edgar Davies (head gardener)

2nd row: John Barrows (engineer), Mrs Getta Hibbert (nurse), next 18 not known

3rd row: John Heavens (porter), next 17 not known

4th row: Cliff Bannister (porter), next 14 not known, David Richards (chauffeur), Jack Walters (painter)
Back row: Ken Lewis (job?), not known, Arthur Hales (gardener), Daniel John Price (gardener), a painter, next 6 not known

If you know any of the people I would be most grateful if you could let me have their names.
Thanks!- email:

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