Sunday, November 04, 2007

Video clip- presentation to Nurse Glenys Davies

Mary Williams and Nurse Glenys Davies

Now in her 80's Nurse Glenys Davies worked at Craig-y-nos throughout her nursing career of over thirty years. At the recent Patients Reunion she was presented with a bouquet by Mary Williams from Hereford.

Mary had been admitted as a teenager and she was within weeks of death. But thanks to streptomycin she made a full recovery.

Mary says of her time there:
"I remember Nurse Glenys Davied washing my hair and she used to set lovely waves in it for me. I was very fond of "Auntie Maggie" she was Auntie Mag to everyone. She used to like sharing our sweets.
"When I stop and think, there wee many pleasant things there. I certainly would not be here today if it were not for Craig-y-nos hospital."

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