Thursday, November 22, 2007

Brecon Library - preparation of exhibition

Well, Dr Carole Reeves and Malcolm have just finished putting the exhibition of 120 photographs up this afternoon while I did some frantic publicity around Brecon. We discovered to our horror that if any publicity had been done it was not obvious to us. It was a cousin of mine who alerted me to the situation last night. She said she had seen/heard nothing about the exhibition.

Hence the rush to put up some posters.

I gave out 26 posters to a variety of venues from Brecon musuem and Brecon theatre to the Town Council building and Brecon and Radnor Express office ( and yes they promise they will send along Holly, a young reporter, tomorrow morning for the official opening and no they had not got it in their diary but they agreed to put it into the news diary for tomorrow).

All the shops were very welcoming and were more than happy to take a poster. In each shop it was the same story. Mention Craig-y-nos and the response was:" My mother/sister/auntie/ cousing was there or I know someone who worked there."

Yet again I am reminded that this photographic project touches the heart of the community because there is hardly a family in this part of rural Wales that was not in some way affected by "the white plague" either directly or indirectly.

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