Thursday, November 08, 2007

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Deborah Oxley, Knaresborough
I have been delving into my family's history and knew nothing of the children with TB in these hospitals until today. My relatives (Lily and Winnie Bendelow) were in the Marguerite Hepton at Thorp Arch. Winnie had her lung removed there, and, like you, feel there should be a record of this time. I wish you well with your book and feel it would be worth extending to include Thorp Arch, especially as there seems to be a link with children being moved from the one hospital to the other. Keep on, Ann.
Sun Nov 4 19:16:59 2007

Linda Merritt
I am also interested in the life of children in hospital in the 1950s although not in this particular area. I have heard several heartbreaking stories and I too believe there is a book waiting to be written. Thank you for the opportunity to see other stories.
Thu Oct 25 13:01:27 200


Jane said...

Dear Deborah,
Thanks to this blogspot and some good help from Carole Reeves I have started finding more people who are linked with the Marguerite Hepton Hospital. At present there are 5 of us. Two of us (me, Jane Freeland, and Yvonne Farrer), have already posted once on this blogspot, but Carole has encouraged me to start up a separate one for Marguerite Hepton, which I'm doing right now. Would you like to be involved with this? If so, would you contact me on the email link below. Maybe you'd like to find our postings and see a bit about us.

We all look forward to hearing from you

Jane said...

I realise I should also have included Linda Merrit in the comment I've just sent for Deborah Oxley. So please feel yourself included and we all hope to hear from you