Saturday, November 10, 2007

Staff at Craig-y-nos

It was not unusual for more than one member of a family to work at Craig-y-nos since this was the main source of employment in the area.

The son of one such couple, Brian Jones, recently emailed me to say:

"My father was engineer at the hospital 1946-60, my mother was an orderly, I think, for much of that period. Dad appears in the Harry Secombe photo (looking round the door), Mum is in the Rachel photo posted 10 Oct 07.

Mrs Jones, Brian's mother, giving Rachel a wash

Harry Secombe with members of staff

Brian says:
"A story which seems amusing now but must have been a disappointment for the children at the time is that my father was in charge of the annual 5 November firework display. On one occasion, just after the show had started, a spark landed in the fireworks box and that was the spectacular but localised end of that.

Another is that a play was put on in the theatre in which my mother read the future from a crystal ball in the flickering light of a small flame. My father was in charge of the lighting and thought it would be more atmospheric if he cut the lights. Apparently it was but my mother could no longer read her crib notes. Things were a bit frosty when they got home.”

Brian is able to identify the gardeners in this photo sent in by Margaret Howells.
They are (left to right) Arthur Hales, Edgar Davies and Les Brown.

He is also able to identify one of the nurses in this
1950s photo taken by the stag (posted 8 May 2007),

“Sister Powell is second from the left, I think.”

If anyone can identify the others please let me know:

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