Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jean Berry 1948

" I remember Barbara Pye..."

It is unusual to come across anyone who has spent less than a year in Craig-y-nos so I was amazed yesterday to talk to a woman who was in for only ten weeks, especially as this was in 1948.

Jean Berry from Clydach recalls her short time there in the Annexe:
“I was 19 years of age at the time and had just got married. They thought I had TB because I had lost so much weight but in fact I didn't have it. What had happened was that my father had got electrocuted, he was an electrician's mate in the local power station. This had caused me to go into shock and loose so much weight they thought I had TB.”

When she got into Craig-y-nos and had a tomogram they discovered she didn't have the disease.

She remembers Barbara Pye from her brief stay in Craig-y-nos: ”She was very glamorous. I have still got a drawing she did of my leg!”

Jean, who will be 80 in three weeks time, has one strong memory of her time there and that is of Sister Outram.
“She caught me filing my nails on a Sunday and I got told off.
She said: ”Sunday is God’s day and you must not do anything.”

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