Monday, November 05, 2007

Girls on the balcony - early 1950's (from left to right front row) Jeanette Wakeham and Mary Davies
Back row - unknown

It is almost a year since I began this blog.

It has been a time of constant surprises, of unearthed memories, some vague others vivid and a number painful.

Take this weekend for example. I got a call last night from Marlene Hopkins in California.
She was in Craig-y-nos in the early 1950’s.

She was going through her diaries and she found several entries relating to an "Ann Rumsey from Ty-Llangenny, is that you?"

“Yes, that's me.“
I was curious to know what she had written about me she is going to photocopy the pages and send them on.

An hour later I get a call from Valerie Brent, author and retired nurse from Mumbles, our roving reporter, and Ambassador for the Children of Craig-y-nos project.

She had just spent some time with an ex patient in his 70’s who had broken down twice and cried as he told her of his early experiences in Craig-y-nos as a child.

And that has been one of the most startling discoveries in this journey to uncover the lost story of "The Children of Craig-y-nos". Many have never spoken about their experiences before and when they do start to talk it brings up uncomfortable memories.

I had never expected to tap into repressed grief from over half a century ago - yet this is what I am finding. Inevitably each case involves very young children.

Another photo arrives on email. How many girls do you recognize? It was taken on the girls balcony early 1950's and sent in by Mary Davies.

Oh yes Marlene in California had already viewed the video clip of the presentation to Glenys Davies which I put up on the net a few hours ago.

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Mary said...

back row is me the other Mary Davies now Slater