Sunday, September 30, 2007

Barbara and Elaine Wellington.

Does anyone remember these two sisters who were in Craig-y-nos ?

I have had a request from Barbara’s daughter, Kaye Forsey.
She is trying to find out what life was really like at Craig-y-nos for it appeared to deeply affect both her mother and her aunt though the one was there in the 1940's and the other in the early 1950's.

Kaye says in her e-mail:
“My mother was born in 1930 and spent four years in Craig-y-nos. She would not talk much about her time there except that that when she was due to come home they said she could only go home if she had her own room.

She had 5 other sisters and 1 brother who all lived in a small 3 bedroom terrace house.
This was impossible, so she went to live with
her aunt who only had 1 son . She stayed there until she married.”
Barbara died in 1996.

Her aunt Elaine would have been in Craig-y-nos at the same time as myself and I feel sure she is on some of the many photos we have received.

Kaye says:
“Aunt Elaine was born in 1942 and went into Craig-y-nos as a 9 year old . She was there for 3 years and she remembers the Coronation.

My aunt Elaine now lives in Australia also never talked about her time there
until recently after having lung cancer. She went through chemo and radium and now has no cancer.

During her time in hospital it has brought back everything that happened to
her in Craig-y-Nos, which has given her mental problems.
She has given up and just sits in a chair,this has gone on for so long that she can't walk or use her arms.

My uncle has to do everything for her.
Her speech is very bad but she knows and remembers everything.

I have read everything that is on the BBC web site and have learned a lot
about the daily lives of the children who were there.

Is there a way of finding out if any one knew my mother and aunt?”

If you remember either Barbara or Elaine then Kay Forsey would love to hear from you. email address:

Or contact myself:

Kaye has some photos which she is going to send to me so this may well prompt a few memories.
I feel certain I must know her...

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