Monday, September 24, 2007

Patients Reunion - Suzanne and Ann

(Left) Suzanne Evans with Ann Shaw at the Reunion in Craig-y-nos Castle

Suzanne on the balcony and Ann on blocks. (1951)

How many children from the 40’s and 50’s met up again for the first time at the Patients Reunion?

I still don’t know but I think it would be fair to share very few . Only two from my four years in Craig-y-nos were there: Mari Jenkins and Suzanne Davies. (early 1950’s)

The mid-1950s folk were luckier: Christine Bennett, Anna Glass and Beryl Rowlands were certainly one group meeting for the first time.

Many said that this was a disappointment and want to know when we are going to organise the next Reunion.
That’s what Craig-y-nos Castle are asking too....
Well, its not impossible.

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