Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Norma Lewis ( nee Pearce) - 1951

Christmas party 1951 in the Adelina Patti theatre

Norma Pearce rang after visiting the exhibition.

“I was so excited I didn't know whether to scream or cry.”

As she walked around the room she came across photographs of herself she never knew existed .

She said:
“Then I saw Dr Huppert!... I felt as if it was just like yesterday, that I had been whisked back in time. It was surreal.”

Norma has never been back to Craig-y-nos except to the grounds and was really sorry to miss the Reunion but she had already booked to go on holiday.

So she was thrilled to hear that two friends from her time in Craig-y-nos in 1953 Mari Friend ( nee Jenkins) and Pat Hybert ( nee Mogridge) attended the Reunion.
So I gave her their phone numbers.

Mari Jenkins with Pat Mogridge on the stag

She recalls that she used to write letters to Pat in the Six -Bedder who used to send little gifts to her.
“The young women in the Six Bedder befriended us. They had visiting every week so they got lots of sweets which they would share with us. They were our pen-friends.”

Harry Secombe, touring the wards after the Christmas pantomine.

She remembers going down to the theatre to see Harry Secombe in the pantomime and how he came around the ward afterwards and kissed everyone.

“Harry gave me my first kiss. I was ever so proud of that. I used to tell my boyfriend that I had only ever been kissed once before and that was by Harry Secombe.”

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