Thursday, September 27, 2007

Roger Wyn Beynon -1949-54

Roger receiving the"fresh air" tretment

When I first saw these photos I asssumed they were from the 1920's or 1930's. Imagine my surprise to discover that they were taken between 1949-54.
I had thought that tying children to the bed was a practise that had died out by then but clearly as these pictures show it was still being used in Craig-y-nos during the 1950s.

Roger from Ammanford says:
"I am now 60 and visited Craig-y-nos for the first time 14 years ago since leaving there. I was very apprehensive and became very emotional when, whilst walking in the park below, looked up and saw the balcony and the statue of the stag. I have laid the ghosts and go back occasionally. The last time was before Xmas last year when I attended a function there with my wife. I got speaking to a member of staff about my experiences there and was delighted to be shown the old children's ward. How small it looked and I was able to see where my old cot was located. I did not realise how cramped we kids were until I saw an old photo on the web.

Roger with his father
To read the full text of Roger's email go back a few weeks to September 13th

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