Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mary Davies -1951-first return visit

Mary from Rhayader was the first person to appear at the Patients Reunion- she had driven nearly 60 miles to make her first ever return visit to Craig-y-nos since she left over 50 years ago.
And yes, there were a few tears as the memories came flooding back.

Not that Mary was unhappy at Craig-y-nos. She went on to have a bungalow built and called it “Craig-y-nos”.
Yes this did cause some confusion with the hotel staff when she booked for the lunch and they asked for her address...

“Not not our address ..what’s yours?”
“Craig-y-nos” repeated Mary.

Earlier in the week both Mary and I had featured in the South Wales Evening Post in an article about the forthcoming reunion.
Out of 16 photos sent to the paper they used three- one of Mary and two of myself though we are not named.

For the newspaper were unaware that the photos they had chosen were in fact the same person! ( I had grown up in Craig-y-nos.)

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