Thursday, September 13, 2007

Roger Wyn Beynon -1949-54

Just received this email:

"My name is Roger Wyn Beynon and I live in Ammanford. I only learnt by chance of the reunion of former patients at craig-y nos last sat morning and unfortunately was unable to attend. I was a patient from, I understand, 1949 to 1954.

I fell down as a toddler and developed TB in my right knee as a result of having my records confused with another lad who was suffering from 'worms'. I hope they have cleared by now!!!

My memories are vague due to my infancy. I recall being wheeled to the Patti pavilion to see cartoons and, I assume, being educated as I was able to read and write when I started Primary school aged 7 not long after my discharge.

I well recall the balcony and being outside in all weather, the peacocks down below and a puffing steam train on the opposite slope. I thought it was my father coming to visit me as he was an engine driver!!!!

I also recall the injections in my bum. Was it 4 a day? Do you have any record of a boy called Graham Canning (I think)? He was bedridden beside me for a long time and is the only name that I can recall?

I am now 60 and visited craig-y-nos for the first time 14 years ago since leaving there."

I was very apprehensive and became very emotional when, whilst walking in the park below, looked up and saw the balcony and the statue of the stag. I have laid the ghosts and go back occasionally.

The last time was before Xmas last year when I attended a function there with my wife. I got speaking to a member of staff about my experiences there and was delighted to be shown the old children's ward. How small it looked and I was able to see where my old cot was located.

I did not realise how cramped we kids were until I saw an old photo on the web. I have a few photos of me taken in my cot on the balcony when I had more hair then that I have now!!!"

Delighted to hear from you Roger! we are very short of men coming forward with their experiences. Dr Reeves, the medical historian will be in touch with you soon for a full account.

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