Saturday, September 08, 2007

Exhibition opening

Fantastic opening!
Clive Rowlands, rugby veteran,coach, captain of Wales and the Lions and ex-patient of Craig-y-nos TB sanatorium opened the exhibition yesterday. He talked frankly about his time there, being tied to the bed as a small boy for smuggling in a rugby ball. He remembered being force-fed potatoes to build up his weight and now since his heart surgery he is obliged to reduce his potato intake in order to try and keep his under control.
The television cameras were there to record all this: BBC Wales and S4C ( Welsh Channel) and we had ex-patients and staff doing interviews in English and Welsh. One, Beryl Richards ( nee Rowlands) ex -patient and Welsh speaking was taken back to Craig-y-nos by the BBC television crew for further filming.

One news item was on the BBC Wales News yesterday evening at 6.30pm - we watched it in the White Rose pub in Mumbles because we had just taken Valerie Brent, former nurse at Craig-y-nos, back home. Valerie had also done interviews in English and Welsh.

The South Wales Evening Post and the Brecon and Radnor Express were there too.
The BBC Mid-Wales internet community site also want to use more photos and they asked for permission. Told them to help themselves to photos from any of my web-sites.

Earlier in the week Beryl Rowlands had done a full half hour interview in Welsh for the Radio Cymru, BBC Welsh language station.

On Wednesday Dr Carole Reeves and myself rushed down to the BBC Wales studio in Swansea to do a pre-recording for the Jamie Owen show which was broadcast on Thursday at 11.30 am. We were interviewed by Sian Pari Huws. We listened to it while we were putting the exhibition up.

We don't like to say it ourselves but we did well!...

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