Saturday, September 08, 2007

Patients Reunion tomorrow

Just had a phone call from Sylvia who was in Craig-y-nos for five years from 1947 and will be coming to the Reunion tomorrow. We have worked it out that we were both there at the same time though she is several years older than me.

She says she was so excited last night after reading it in the South Wales Evening Post that she couldnt sleep. "I was also upset a bit too. It brought back such memories. I was a plaster bed patient."

Yesterday at the exhibition opening so many ex-patients came forward that we are all still reeling from the shock of meeting up with so many people that we have only spoken to on the phone. Pat from Yorkshsire, Dr Thomas from Norfolk and many from the area...

Carole Reeves recognised "Ann on BLocks" straightaway by her voice!....

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