Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mary Sutton-Coulson

Driving down the motorway from Scotland to Wales I ring Mary Sutton-Coulson on my mobile ( correction- I was the passenger, Malcolm was driving). She lives in Hampshire and hopes to attend the Reunion on Sunday.

We have had problems making contact because of her email system. While I can receive her emails she is unable to receive mine...never mind we have finally made contact.

Mary has come up with some surprising bits of information. Did you know that Joan Sutherland played Adelina Patti when the BBC made a film of her life?

-that Sister Roberts from the Glass Conservatory was a close friend of Dr Williams' family

-that Nurse Glenys Davies was among the members of staff who played badminton twice a week in the Adelina Patti theatre

- that Dr Williams first worked at Craig-y-pnos in 1936 then he moved to St Brides in London for the duration of the war returning to Craig-y-nos in 1948

- that Dr Williams was responsible for organising the restoration of the gold leaf on to the Adelina Patti theatre and he brought in craftsmen from St Pauls cathedral.

that Mary and her sister used to crawl through the attic of their home to watch performances in the Adelina Patti theatre.

Mary is a physio-therapist and her sister Ruth is a dentist.

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