Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christine Perry (nee Bennett) with Beryl Richards

Christine (left) with Beryl

Christine has provided us with one of the biggest collections of photographs so it was a pleasure to meet her and her husband, Larry, at the recent Patients Reunion.

Afterwards Larry sent this email:

"Thank you so much for providing the focal point and inspiration for so many people to enjoy their day. For many, I'm sure, it was a milestone event in their lives quite literally. I'm sure many ex-patients would endorse the efforts you, your husband and, also, Dr Carole Reeves have put in to removing the shroud and veil from events in their lives which many of their friends and families were convinced were exaggeration and hyperbole.

Hence, the reason for the personal walls of silence for most parts of ex-patients' lifetimes. The curtain is raised now on the spectre of tuberculo-phobia!!

A small group on our table, Beryl , Christine, Anna & Valerie Brent, have arranged to do "Coffee" in Verdi's down in Southend, Mumbles, one day in the not too distant future. So now regular contacts could be maintained locally perhaps.

Christine and I went up to the Miners' Welfare Hall in Ystradgynlais today to see the photographic exhibition and very good it was too. Congratulations and thanks are due to you and your husband once more for your sterling efforts there.
Christine was keen to make an entry in the Visitors' Book but the staff there say that it has been removed already. I feel that I should let you know that.

Once more, many thanks on behalf of Christine."

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