Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pat Stickler (nee Moore) 1950

I've had an email from a girl who was in the next bed to me over 50 years ago!
She recognized some photos on the web.

Here's an extract:
"I was also in Craig -y -nos from February 1950 until June 1950. I was one of the lucky ones who did not have a long stay there although, at the time, it seemed endless. As you say, treatment at that time was bed rest and fresh air.

I remember the balcony with the tarpaulin covers and also one time when the weather was so bad that all the beds were brought into the ward and all the windows had to be kept open.

During my stay I was in the next bed to Ann Rumsey, was that you? I immediately recognised the face in the photographs on line.

I came from Caerphilly and it was a long journey by train and buses for my gran, mother and father to visit, although it was only one weekend a month.

My mother, aged 93 died in July and it started me thinking of all the travelling they did and decided to visit Craig- y -nos but, unfortunately, we missed the turning but vowed to try again another time. Since then I have found your web site and decided to write to you.

I was never happy there and felt that not speaking Welsh did not help. Maybe it was my imagination. The food was not very appetising but perhaps I was spoilt.

Every morning there was porridge which by the time it reached the ward was cold and lumpy and to this day I am unable to cook, smell or even wash the used dishes."

Yes, you are so right about the porridge Pat. Not only was it cold and lumpy but I had to have stuff that looked like sawdust sprinkled on mine because I had such a poor appetite.

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