Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Elaine Wellington - mid 1950's

I wonder if anyone remembers Elaine Wellington ? ( first little girl on the left )
Her niece, Kaye Forsey, has been in touch with us to see if she can find anyone who may know something about her aunt's earlier life in Craig-y-nos.

Elaine now lives in Australia and has never talked about her time there until recently after treatment for cancer.
Her niece ,Kaye Forsey, says:
"During her time in hospital it brought back everything that happened to her in Craig-y-nos, which has given her mental problems.
She has given up and just sits in a chair, this has gone on for so long that she can't walk or use her arms. My uncle has to do everything for her...she is just wrapped in a blanket all day and will not do anything."

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