Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sequel to "rat in the bed" - Pamela Osmond

Pamela has just sent this email:

"The rat in my bed was in 1948 I was on a plaster bed and I had a steel cradle over my legs to keep the weight of the blankets off my legs, I was 8 year old and it was a cold night I was woken up by something moving around by my feet and all of a sudden this rat ran out from under the blankets passed my face and the tail touched my face it was not small as the body rubbed against my arm on its way out.

I was so scared that I called "Nurse, nurse. nurse" and I was crying so a nurse came running to me and between sobs I told her about this rat in my bed, and she was very calm as she told me a story about the rat she said he was the hospital pet and he had been in the kitchen for his food and he wanted to see me.

She stayed with me for a long time, she was lovely.
After that night I lost my fear of rats.
We used to throw crumbs of bread for the birds, so maybe the rats would get onto the balconys looking for food."

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